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Marketing campaign management

Marketing campaign management

Does your organisation dabble in marketing, and you feel your return on investment should be higher than it is? Or do you need some extra resource to think about how your marketing campaign management can work for the best impact?

Supercharge your marketing campaign management

Not only do we create content, we know where that content best fits in within your marketing campaigns too. A white paper might not be the ideal resource to land with your prospects right at the very beginning, but a blog or a film clip might be the ideal snippet to engage them at an earlier stage in the sales cycle.

Marketing campaign management needs to include promotions that run regularly, are topical where possible, and join up with sales and marketing teams’ objectives. They should be nurtured and monitored - and sometimes should even be modified while they’re active depending on the results that you’re seeing.

Thanks to our long history working client and agency side we have lots of experience in marketing campaign management, and this helps us to stand out from other content marketing agencies. So if you don’t have the time or resource, we can take as much or as little off your hands as you like. In fact, we can help put your entire content strategy together for you.

Our marketing campaign management skills include:

  • Identifying and analysing your target personas and their challenges
  • Creating the right messaging to engage your prospects and overcome their pain points
  • Reviewing and updating your website content
  • Creating a marketing plan to support your sales and marketing goals
  • Data consultancy and sourcing
  • Content creation including email campaigns, direct mail, reports, white papers, gated landing pages, blogs etc
  • Rich media content including video production and animations to create an even greater impact
  • Marketing campaign execution: we’ll press the button and make it happen
  • Campaign tracking and refinement to ensure all elements are generating a return on investment for you
"Oxford Content Company worked closely with us: getting to know what we do and raising our profile. It was an easy process and we were very pleased with the results. We would definitely recommend Julie and the team for further work."
- Owner, Oxford Energy Academy
Don’t just send out a flyer and hope for the best. Let us manage your campaigns for you in the short, medium or long term. We can supercharge your marketing campaign management cost effectively, so drop us a line using the blue box below to find out more.

We listen, we write.

If you'd like to discuss a project or find out how we can help please get in touch.
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