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Email campaign copywriters

Email campaign copywriters

E-newsletter, email campaign, email marketing – whichever name you choose, it’s a great way of getting your message out there to your customer base.

Our email campaign copywriters can help

If you want to send out regular communications to your customers and you need help before you press SEND, our email campaign copywriters can help. Talk to our team for advice around:

  • Your objectives
  • What you want to say – we’ll craft the perfect words
  • How often you should send your communications
  • When they should be launched – the best times and days of the week
  • Reporting the response in terms of open rates/click-through rates and more
  • Adjusting the next send to achieve greater success based on previous responses
  • Your data and GDPR

A marketing must-have, email campaigns are a necessary tool in your marketing toolkit. They reach your prospects’ screens, wherever they may be – at home or on the move.

Using our leading email platform and our email campaign copywriters’ expertise, we make sure your messages get read and your brand gets noticed. We ensure your email campaigns are enticing and easy to read, look fantastic, and have clear calls to action so the reader knows what to do and where to go next – nurturing them along the customer journey.

For informative and compelling e-newsletter content that people will want to read, talk to our email campaign copywriters.

We listen, we write.

If you'd like to discuss a project or find out how we can help please get in touch.
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