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Case study copywriters

Case study copywriters

If you’re the type of person who always checks out the online reviews before making any purchase, you’ll understand the importance of case studies and testimonials to promote your product or service.

Social proof is a fantastic selling tool

Social proof is a fantastic selling tool and we advise having at least three case studies under your belt – or preferably one for each product or service you provide.

Testimonials and case studies written by professional case study copywriters are highly valuable content that you can use on your website or promote on social media channels to show how great you are. They truly help to get your prospects ‘over the line’ and persuade them to do business with you.

Even better, they’re not written from your perspective, talking about how great you are. Instead, they’re written from the perspective of your happy customers. This makes the content really credible, showing you’re a trusted company to work with and proving the successful nature of what you do. Nothing speaks to your prospects more loudly or more clearly than a customer case study – it really does speak volumes. It’s the golden nugget of content creation.

What to expect from our case study copywriters

Our case study copywriters go above and beyond when it comes to producing a fantastic case study. Here’s what to expect:

  • A conversation, meeting or briefing with your team to understand what you need to promote
  • Setting up a meeting or call with your customer to interview them on your product/service and find out how you have helped them
  • A fully written and proofed piece of content that meets your preferred word count and brief
  • Working with you and your customer to achieve sign-off on the copy and getting a signed consent form
  • If required, a beautifully designed PDF to present your case study professionally
  • Video case studies can also be created, perfectly capturing your customers’ positive feedback in rich media format

Talk to our case study copywriters about creating professional content to prove you’re fantastic at what you do and to generate leads and revenue for your business.

We listen, we write.

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